How to handle NFT Twitter with 8 easy tips

Twitter is without any doubt the most important tool for your NFT journey. It does not only feel like everything is happening on twitter, but it really does. Instagram and other social media tools are, in the current phase of the market, still negligible. However, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that they will incorporate NFTs into their platform. Hence, it could be worth monitoring these tools as well, as with the rise of NFTs to mass market capability, the tools used in the space might change.

Twitter, as with any social medium, needs to be managed wisely. Why? You don’t want to spend your whole time on twitter, hence your effort should be optimized for efficiency. And second, just being on twitter can mentally drain you and IMO we anyways need to spend more time off-screen.

Hence, here are 8 tips you can think of when approaching to reach your Twitter fame.

Executive Summary

For ease of use, I have structured this article into 8 chapters. Make sure to read through all of them as I try put much more details and explanations to each and every point.

Did you know?

I love stats. I love crunching numbers. So here are 60 Twitter stats you probably didn’t know about. Let me know which ones surprised you the most?

Most suprising facts for me:

  • 77% of Twitter Users earn more than 75k USD a year
  • 83% of the world leaders are on twitter
  • 391 million users have no followers at all
  • only 29.6% of twitter users are female

Tip 1: Have a genuine conversation

The first couple of months I have spent as a silent listener and I have seen that people usually don’t post. Actually, research has shown that 44% of twitter users never have sent a single tweet. They just observe which is fine but if you want to grow your following that, naturally, doesn’t help. You need to find a way that suits you while you are having fun with Twitter. You can do that best if you have a genuine conversation with the people you like about the topics you like. Think about the last time you had a good conversation with a friend. Did you just sit there and listened/observed? Probably not. I guess you commented & replied to him. Didn’t you? Maybe you “retweeted” what he/she said. You asked questions, made jokes, made funny faces (= emoticons) and were nice to him or her.

Well, that is what you got to do. That is the only way of growing your twitter following and becoming part of a twitter community. To be part of a community, it helps if you think about 3 pillars about what you want to tweet. Don’t do 10 posts about NFTs and then 10 posts about cooking. Consistency is key. And of all the things you pick make sure that these things are your thing a.k.a. you like them and they represent who you really are.

Tip 2: Give people value

The average twitter user session is just over 3 minutes! Hence, you only have a short period of time to get the attention of your audience and hence you need to do something that provides value.

Think about an account that you really enjoy and review why you like reading his/her tweets. What value do they provide to you that makes you follow them? I suggest you write a list of things that you like seeing / don’t like to see on Twitter.

How not to give people value? By spamming or not tweeting. Don’t be annoying, everyone has their own life’s and will most likely not hang around on twitter all day. The most important thing is to strike a nice balance between regular tweets and spam. Although, Twitter is not that prone to overspamming your following as with other social media outlets like Instagram or Facebook, I suggest to post 3x a day and to spread it out across the day. And pls don’t make these 3 tweets retweets of someone else. Retweeting every now and then is ok but pls make sure it is a good tweet and not a typical Like, Retweet and Tag Giveaway. Imagine someone finding your profile and checking it out. If all he sees are retweets he will probably not follow you as your feed will be a hellscape. Having a nice profile description and pfp also helps. I suggest to give a short but vivid introduction about yourself, link projects that you are affiliated with and to keep your thread clean.

Also, think about your strengths. What do you do anyways on a regular basis that can be turned into value for your followers. If you have good contacts to NFT projects you can do real giveaways for WL spots or NFTs. If you know what projects are currently working on then write about it and share it with the community. If you have a nice train of thoughts, post a thread. Follow trains worked as well for me. Is #apefollowape still a thing?

Whatever you post about. Remember to tweet with your heart not your head.

Tip 3: Post quality and informative content

When it comes the actual post, there are certain well-known & proven ways to increase engagement of your audience. What I like with Twitter is that the number of characters you can use are limited. Hence, you need to condense your thoughts and think about how you can bring across the same message more precisely. Remember that everything you do is about you as a brand. There is the saying that “you cannot not communicate”. Similarly, I would argue that you cannot not brand yourself. If you just like, retweet and tag giveaways then this is your brand. Though not a very valuable one. Having that in mind, what are posts that feed your brand positively and what impacts negatively?

The post itself are proven to work better if you use good visuals. In fact, 97% of people pay more attention to visual content on Twitter. Also, Users on Twitter tweet images 361% more than they tweet videos. Even more interesting is to look at the number of favorites and retweets. Images tend to get 128% more retweets than videos, but videos get favorited 49% more than images. The other thing that I learned when analyzing images is that 62% were humor-based, while 38% were other types.

When writing posts you should mix personal and work related content. Typically, an audience is also interested in who you are and not just what you write about. The post should include a call to action, keywords (like with SEO) and hashtags. Up to 2 hashtags is best for twitter, pls don’t use to much of them and make sure they are topic specific.

Having a regular cadence is somewhat important. Set a schedule and plan your posts, but make sure that planning does not become too tedious and you loose the fun of being on twitter.

The best time to post on Twitter

The best time to post on Twitter is early in the morning on weekdays: ideally, 8 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, according to Hootsuite’s data. If you need to post on the weekend, still aim for the a.m., but perhaps a little later, when Twitter users are awake.

However, since tweets are so fleeting, don’t be afraid to schedule tweets (or type them up at the moment!) at all hours of the day. You can’t really over-post on Twitter, like you can on other platforms.

Double-Check the Time Zone

This one sounds simple, but is oftentimes overlooked: Make sure you are posting in your audience’s time zone and not your own (if they differ). If the majority of your audience is American, you will do fine posting in the morning or early afternoon. But if your audience is in, say, the United Kingdom, you will want to post at the correct time in Central European Time. Similarly, if you have a major segment of your audience in a different region, you might even consider creating a separate account or handle specifically for that audience or, if you have a global reach, you might want to consider posting around the clock.

Tip 4: Apply Growth Hacking Methods

Some of you might know this term from the startup/business world and I believe it is useful for Twitter as well. Growing your twitter handle is a process. Growth hacking is a systematic process where you:

1 brainstorm ideas what content you would like to do
2 prioritize your ideas
3 execute them
4 analyse the results of your actions
5 Repeat & learn from your past actions

Lets say you do that for a post and you go to analytics.twitter.com and see that Post A has had more engagement than Post B. You do more of Post A. Simple! and btw... Never give up! Just keep going.

Tip 5: Top Accounts to follow: my personal choice

Managing your twitter feed is important. A better feed means a better experience and you take away more info than just giveaways J A good feed also means following good people on twitter.

So here are my top 10 accounts to follow (that are not the typical shillfluencers):

  • @ punk6529 : throws out nuggets of wisdom every now and then
  • @ Zeneca_33 : former pro-poker player, building a community in the space and his write-ups are very nice
  • @ hype_eth : not that long in the space but
  • @ DCLBlogger : NFT blogger, also good for a nice thread
  • @ fabdaRice : founder of quadrate, posts valid info about NFTs
  • @ swombat : master of threads, also see swombat.io
  • @krugermacro : perfect explainer of macro situation
  • @9x9x9eth : founder of OPENdao, deeply involved in the space
  • @ cdixon: web 3 philosopher
  • @ 0xCryptonite_ : that is me. Never be afraid to put yourself on this list

Tip 6: Use tools to make your life easier

There are a lot of tools that can be used to make your twitter-hustle easier. But before selecting a tool it is worthwhile to think about what the tool should actually achieve for you. Do you want to be able to schedule posts, get deeper insights into the performance of your posts or get a better overview of whats going on in your profile? Look for tools that satisfy your requirements and that you find easy-to-use. There are a lot of tools available (free and paid), but I like to KISS (keep it simple stupid). Here are free tools that I use:

Analytics.twitter.com: Give you an insight into the performance of your posts in terms of different KPIs.

Tweetdeck.twitter.com: gives you a good overview of your account and allows you to manage your profile better. It is like a “Hootsuite”for Twitter. It also allows you to schedule your posts.

https://en.whotwi.com/: is a graphical twitter analysis tool that allows you to analyze any account that you would like to see. The example below shows Gary Vee´s Twitter account. You can see who Gary Vees “best twitter friends” are, who he follows, how many followers he has etc.

Of course there are a lot of tools that you can use. I suggest to pick a couple of tools and stay with them.

Tip 7: Twitter Security Tips

As with any social media account, make sure you don’t get hacked. What you never want is to grow your twitter to 100k only then to be hacked and all of your work is gone. Also, you don’t want any malicious content or misinformation being spread to your followers or about you.

4 simple steps to stay secure:

  • Use a strong password
  • use 2FA (2 factor authentication)
  • require email and phone number to request a reset of password or code
  • keep your software updated

Remember to be stay suspicious of links and never give your username and password to a third party. Stay safe out there my friends.

Tip 8: Remember to take a Twitter Break

Social media statistics reveal that 500 million tweets are sent per day. That’s like 9281 tweets each second! As a result, if you don’t start to manage your twitter properly according to your needs you will feel that being on twitter can impact your emotions negatively. Having fun and joy while using Twitter should always be the goal for you.

Hence, managing your feed is very important. Don`t just follow everyone but carefully select the people you want to see. On Instagram I have the rule of follow 100. Every now and then I check all account I follow and ask myself "Is this account providing value to what I aim to do?", "How do the posts of this person make me feel?" I aim not to follow more than 100 accounts and whenever one of these questions above is answered negatively I unfollow the account. Result: you enjoy your time on twitter much more, have a more interesting feed, learn more and you are able to engage more easily with good people.

Another thing to manage is the amount of time you spend on twitter. It is best when you make specific times of the day where you are on twitter and other times of the day where you are not. For example, you can use a break to check your twitter account or you can decide not to be on twitter after 8pm. Most important for me was not to start my day with my smartphone in my hand. The morning hours are the most productive so I intend to use them by doing value-adding tasks such as my morning routine or the most important tasks of my business.


In summary, in order to manage twitter effectively while growing your following you need to follow the 8 steps described in this article. You need to:

  • Have a genuine conversation
  • Give people value
  • Post quality and informative content
  • Use tools to make your life easier
  • Follow top accounts
  • Possess a growth hacking mindset
  • Stay safe on Twitter
  • Take a break from social media

All in all, I hope that this article gives you a better understanding of NFT investors. Also, I hope you learned something today and would love you to consider following me on my twitter @0xCryptonite if you like more recent updates about the space.

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